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Since 1999

Co-Inpetto was started in 1999 as a recruitment agency for IT professionals and business consultants.

During these activities the need for PDS (personal data services) and open innovation for new business modelling was defined. 

Co-Inpetto became part of a movement

We co-design for sustainable prosperity

Co-Inpetto started when Web 1.0 entered the business world and started to renew business models in its domain. 

Co-Inpetto focused on the roll-out of a new Internet radically because the rise of Web 2.0 of Big Tech threatens entrepreneurial freedom and creativity in society. At the same time, a decentralized internet is the innovation space to anchor sustainable prosperity.

At this moment, we connect people and organizations to new business model opportunities thanks to the roll-out of the decentralized internet.

We help to scale new business models thanks to the roll-out of the decentralized digital infrastructure.

With Co-Inpetto Farm we contribute to the roll-out of Threefold Grid together with mission-led communities.