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Because together we can do better.

Since 1999

In 1999, Co-Inpetto started as a recruitment company for business consultants and IT professionals. Those days were the beginning of the internet in the business world. Co-Inpetto served a two-sided market, clients that needed candidates for vacancies and candidates that are interested in interesting jobs.

Co-Inpetto developed the concept of ‘personal data services’ as a missing part of the internet for renewing collaboration with clients and candidates in 2006 and started to open source immediately. 

Because our market disruption began with the erosion of digital privacy, and underserving value creation models. Additionally, social media started to grow and caused concerns over personal and societal values. Social entrepreneurship became a new focus, not at least because the financial crisis of 2008.

We do not live in an era of change but in a change of era

From 2009

Co-Inpetto got connected to commonalites like Mydata.org, Weconomics and Threefold Foundations. The digital infrastructure for better prosperity started to roll-out.

2019 and beyond

Co-Inpetto has created a new branch called Co-Inpetto Farm

Lieve Vereycken makes use of her experience, knowledge and network to help with designing services, products, business models, mission and visions. She connects with organisations to create positive changes in their fields thanks to the roll-out of the decentralised digital infrastructure. 

If the digital future is to be our home, then it is we who must make it.