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Weconomics Foundations and New Organisational Thinking

Regarding to Paul Bessems (founder of WEconomics Foundations): the word “NEVER” in the quote of Oliver Williamson has to be challenged.


“And NEVER the twain shall meet.”
Never ?

The lack of concerns (privacy, work, digitisation, business models, market developments) and collaborative actions in e.g. the market of talent acquisition is a problem. Language has to become available for opening up the conversation. Weconomics Foundations worked on it. A deep understanding of prosperity, organisational models and a digital infrastructure is developed and shared.

The foundation offers a number of commonality services, partners can use:

– APOLLO: Advanced Program on Leading and Learning Others
– NOMAD: New Organization Models and Design
– WECONET: Peer-to-peer infrastructure for information & transactions
– PROJECT: form idea to reality
– SYMFIN: financing projects and communities
– IFNOT: Institute For New Organizational Thinking