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Financing the Emerging Future

Co-Inpetto Farm positions itself as a financial instrument for mission-led communities.
They get stronger thanks to the token economics of Threefold while contributing to the roll-out of the internet 4.0.

The internet 4.0 will re-arange data logistics.
More things and people will be included in the data chain to organize life. We will use the opportunity to re-purpose data to organize sustainable prosperity.

But what is a positive impact?
How will we create knowledge to measure, allocate resources to it and scale?

Data Warehouses were once an innovation within organizations.
Learning environments between organizations, with the individual as the smallest party will be the next thing.

Organizing data logistics for sustainable prosperity is mission of Weconomics Foundations.
Threefold is part of their experience labs at Twice in Eindhoven.

We can learn from mission-led banks.
They have already pioneering for years in measuring the impact they make. Chapter 4 of the book Just Money elaborates on the topic; the picture below is from it.

Measurement is fabulous. Unless you're busy measuring what's easy to measure as opposed to what's important.

With Co-Inpetto Farm we will initiate meaningful token economics and dataflows.
Let me know if you want to get access to the description of the business model of Co-Inpetto Farm and help us by giving your feedback.