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2021 Actions

What about you?
Do you hear the same stories?

All my favorite local shops’ have done good business in 2020.
It seems that I am not the only one who loves their passion for products and people.
It pays off; it makes me hopeful.

While the chat goes on, they tell me about their (first) (mostly) positive digital experiences.
And they ask me: “what about you?”.

I do explain that I look forward to being connected with my digital twin to their shops.
And not at least because we can and do even more with it – together.

They all get the story.
We have to roll our sleeves and co-design further.
2020 brought the technology to support. (1) (2)

For 2021, I have set the intention to take action and follow the advice below: hire jeans.

Even McKinsey is talking about circular brands in fashion (click here)
Once, they will all be connected to digital twins to enable the tasks and use of products in the circular economy.

No, as a consumer I don’t need to get my goods deliverd on my doorstep in seperate package.
My local shop who helped me to buy can ping me. I will pick it up.

What kind of processes do you want to support?
January is still Okay for annual goalsetting, isn’t it?
I am still working on it.

But one thing is sure.

We are indistractable.
We will use our time to take action toward sustainable prosperity for all.

Being indistractable is the essential skill for our time.

The picture above is from the book – Indistractable. It is written by Nir Eyal (click here). He is also the author of the book Hooked, a very succesful bestseller, a must read for employees at Big Tech. It was the manual to get us enslaved to their products. Indistractable is written to help people to win their time and life back.

(1) the digital twin technology from the Threefold Eco-system willvget the name Crystal Twin. Previously it was all called 3bot – this year you will learn more about it.
(2) In Scientific America is the digital twin technology announced as the change-making technology (click here).