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Slow Down (productivity is too low)

Slow down; productivity is too low.

It is the mission of Weconomics Foundations to rethink organizational models for the digital age.
Weconomics Foundations offers every first Tuesday an opportunity to connect and be part of a dialogue. Check out the next one here.

Internet 4.0 features underpin the thinking and the projects of Weconomics Foundations.

Weconomics Foundations is based in the smartest square kilometers of Europe (at Twice). And since they ask me to arrange a Threefold server for the region, I have no reason to refute that claim (:

Together with partners, Threefold rolls out the internet 4.0 infrastructure (1)
Every single person and everything will get a digital twin. And blockchain is here to build new layers of trust and agreements between all communities involved.

Value creation models will adapt, administration costs will reduce, and more value is for the people.

Keep in touch and start to craft your niche full-hearted.
Your time is valuable.


(1) With Co-Inpetto Farm we business model Threefold Farming for mission led organisations. We welcome feedback. Send an e-mail to lieve.vereycken@co-inpetto.org  if you want to learn more about our design principles.