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DéFi stands for Decentralized Finance

TFT (Threefold tokens) is coming available at several decentralized exchanges (DEXES). That’s why I started to have a closer look into the DéFi space. DEX is part of it. And I am stubbled about the variety of services already available in the DéFi (or is it already CeDeFi) space.

Read an article about the multichain availability of TFT here. If you start buying TFT, see it as a learning opportunity in the first place. TFT will become available on Binance Smart Chain this week. Others will follow. Keep track here and start to learn by taking action.

Easy token swapping will be needed to enable the circular economy.
It seems that DéFi/CeDeFi starts to offer the appropriate technology for it. I don’t know what about you, but I would feel lost (and perhaps a bit scared) if I couldn’t learn about it with a clear purpose.

Last week, The Economist made a special report on the future of banking.

Banking and money are changing, society will get impacted.

In a bad or in a good way? We will reflect on that question, learn, steer and earn.