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Openness and creativity with(out) law?

More citizens and entrepreneurs imagined the same innovation path for PDS services, namely a radically collaborative and open one. They found each other and started to collaborate thanks to the internet 2.0.

As an entrepreneur in the recruitment business, I gathered personal data to connect to job opportunities. It became very problematic: market practices weren’t not only eating my business but also my personal and societal values.

But what if…
– you know that everybody has the same issues regarding the treatment of personal data?
– you know that a PDS (personal data service) has value for every person and organization on earth?
– you know that the value of PDS depends on adoption in all kinds of businesses? 
– you realize that there is a fork in the road for your own business?
– you realize that society is at a crossroads?

The answer is that you realize that more people will come up with the same idea and want to team up to get the ball rolling. The innovation process becomes unstoppable, and breakthrough is inevitable (1) (2). PDS services (or digital twins for individuals) are coming available with the internet 4.0 (3).

We can update legal frameworks and gear up to create shared profits.
It is needed.

With Threefold, a secure digital infrastructure can be dedicated solely to a specific collaborative act.
The digital infrastructure is:
– delivered as code;
– only reachable via digital twins;
– enabled with an internet contract.

A coalition of collaborative members will create and own its infrastructure.
Consequently, all organizing parties (with the individual as the smallest part) are equal from a technical viewpoint, and they can rely on a shared reality.

Lawyers will get more chances to facilitate trust for collaborative action to tackle many challenges.
Digital twins, internet contracts, and blockchains will add executive power to legal agreements. Work that is needed, purpose driven entrepreneurs aren’t naïve.


(1) The founder of Weconomics Foundations, Paul Bessems, had a business in connecting talent to training and envisioned a PDS service to enable collaboration.
(2) The founder of Threefold is an entrepreneur in the cloud business. A PDS is needed to let the business model of a decentralized internet and the internet contract work.
(3) The PDS (of digital self) of Threefold is now available for partners building applications on top of the TFF grid. Probably in 2022, it will become more accessible for a broader audience.

We support communities with Threefold farming.
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