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The GDPR and The Brussels Effect

The GDPR turns 3 today and it is ruling the world; companies are adopting it everywhere. The GDPR, and it hasn’t missed The Brussels Effect, a term coined by Anu Bradford.

More is coming. Listen to Margrethe Vestager, the Executive Vice President of the European Commission. She explains the EU’s position in the global battle for data.

With the Data Service Act comes contractual clarity for exchanging data between organizational parties.
I am excited about it.

We are all organizational parties with our data. We will decide who will get our data. And we will refuse to give it away to algorithms with bad or insufficient outcomes. Data is our new organizational power. We get it for free, up to us to use it. Technology is coming available to empower, it will live on the Threefold Grid.

Meanwhile, MyData is taking up the role of hearing our voices.

You can find a report here about their activities. In addition, you are invited to their upcoming webinar following Monday, register here.

Get ready and use (y)our power. A movement of movements is catching up.