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Human Rights and Ethics

Have you already visited the Kazerne Dossin museum?
I did it five times. It is a place of remembrance of the Holocaust in Belgium (Mechelen). “Never Again” is the overall message on the highest floor. The foundation of the declaration of human rights is the highlight.  

It was at that place, in 2013, that I became deeply aware that privacy is part of human rights.

Digital privacy is a condition for social and economic value. If we get the digital infrastructure and personal data right, we can start to create distributed prosperity. All the other human rights can be taken into account while creating our digital lives.

A right delayed is a right denied.

Informed people will use their ethical compass while they are transacting their digital assets. And they will delegate the power to decide on algorithms consciously.

All the transactions together will bring forward the best, and ever evolving societal order.
That’s the potential ahead.

Therefore, a new kind of entrepreneurial commonalities popped up in the last few years. (*)
I enforced and joined several of them. They steer digital society in a human-centered and sustainable direction by building networks, sharing knowledge, creating standards, and starting entrepreneurial projects.

You are part of that movement.