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The internet 4.O and its previous versions

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The history of the internet 1.0 and 2.0 is a fascinating story. You can learn more about it with this Coursera course here. Blockchain innovators started to talk about the internet 3.0 while The Threefold movement is giving birth to Internet 4.0.

The new thing is peer-to-peer.

With the Internet 4.0, each person, organization, and thing can have its own (virtual) server on the internet with blockchain-enabled interaction- and transaction spaces. We are moving away from the client/server model of the internet 1.0 and 2.0, the internet as we know. 

With the Digital Twin of Threefold also comes a virtual server for each of us. These virtual servers will interact peer to peer with servers of organizations, things, and other people.  

We are freeing ourselves to shape life for the digital age.
We get a drivers’ seat. 

We support communities with Threefold farming.
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Craft your sweet spot thanks to a renewed digital infrastructure and get traction for your action.
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