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The internet is too power hungry

The planet can’t afford the internet as it is.
It is too power-hungry. That’s one of the reasons Threefold started to innovate.

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Threefold Grid will use less energy. Why?

First of all, the data don’t need so much duplication. Every organizing party (with the individual as the smallest one) will get its own space for data storage. And if another party needs it, it puts it back in the same place after use. There is no real need to store the data more than once.

Secondly, the Threefold Grid hardware will be close to the users and not in big data centers anymore. Hugh datacenters make maintenance more manageable for a workforce, but that same workforce isn’t needed anymore for Threefold Grid. Automation replaces it.
The heating challenges reduce as a side effect. And less transport of data is needed because the hardware is nearby.

Thirdly, the operating system of Threefold, Zero-Os, uses hardware resources more efficiënt.

Fixing climate change calls for everyone’s action, everyday:

We won't have a society if we destroy the environment

Map your way in the innovation space of the emerging decentralized internet and anchor sustainable prosperity.

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