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Know how things work and create (it is not that difficult)

In the book, The Internet Is Broken, Marleen Stikker does a call upon all of us. She asks to check out how things work, learn about technology, and co-create it (not just consume). She gave me a deeper understanding of the story of Fab Lab’s around the world (*). I knew the concept, but it was the first time it resonates with me.

After I turned the last page of the book, I made the new year’s resolution for 2020, to honor her message.
I promised myself to go to the technical stuff to install a server for the Threefold Grid . Of course, also as women, we can.

And while we have, fortunately, the opportunity to create a digital society democratically, Marleen Stikker reminded me of a concern that I do share. Too many well-intentioned people think that digital is non of their business. That’s also why Co-Inpetto Farm is not only an investment – but also a learning for innovation opportunity. Consider to become a member, pre-registration is possible.

(*) Fairphone is a product born out from the Fablab De Waag – it is an initiative started by Marleen Stikker.

Map your way in the innovation space of the emerging decentralized internet and anchor sustainable prosperity.

Be part of a Threefold Farming opportunity and learn about the new transaction possibilities while using them.