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Trump is banned. So What?

Is it up to Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple to ban the voice of Trump?
The discussion is going on, and that’s a good thing.

But a real solution is not a feature of the Big Tech social media platforms.
They have missed a design opportunity in the core of their code. Alt Ctrl Delete for these platforms and re-start again. That’s the way to move forward.

Once, “trias politica” was an invention as a way to separate political power. Learn about its history here.
And we are entering the next stage of the anti-trust legal framework. The industrial revolution has had its part in the effort to separate its business power.

It is our turn to make our own history, the future is decentralized.

Next-generation media platforms will connect to the private clouds of the individual. Up to us to get the terms and conditions arranged and to take care of them. The filters for information are coded and deployed with the smart contract for IT.

  • Step 1: IT experts creates code which and offers it to the TFF grid to get approved before it is deployed for users.
  • Step 2:  a dedicated person prepare the code for step 3
  • Step 3: the code is offered to a smart contract on the blockchain
  • Step 4: a dedicated person / team reviews the code and create consensus before it is deployed.
  • Step 5: the code is deployed on the Threefold grid after consensus of step 4 and gets available for users.

The smart contract of IT will hold the communities for media production and consumption together. It allows to make people accountable, people who look after the filters for information. Who will look after these people?

The answer don’t need to be business or government.
New options for creating governance models are opening up. Technology is here to support us.
Up to us to design and use it.

It is necessary from the very nature of things that power should be a check to power.

The podcasts of Paul Bessems (Dutch only) helps to bring your thinking forward.
Here is one:

A problem well stated is a problem half solved.