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A tribute to The Last Post and Max Schrems

The Last Post is a daily ritual in Ypres (West-Flandres, Belgium), the battlefield of the First World War.
Each evening, you can listen to Bugle calls.
It is a reminder for us; peace and freedom are not for granted. If we want to honor it in our daily lives we have to use liberty genuinely with one goal: the creation of prosperity for all. Do you agree?

Followers of Tuesday Post know that Threefold is rolling out a digital infrastructure where every person gets control over its data. Fighters of our time stood up to open up our innovation space and fair playing field. Last week, privacy activist Max Schrems succeeded in attacking the international agreement for data transfer from Europe to the US (more)

Centralized digital systems with data and algorithmic power are a treat. 
We can do better.
It is up to us to invest in upskilling of our entrepreneurial collaboration. To successfully use the innovation space of a decentralized digital infrastructure in each aspect of our lives, we have to gain knowledge and insights in:

  • the impact on institutional economics;
  • the opportunities for co-designing sustainable business models;
  • innovation capability BETWEEN and IN organizations;
  • governance of the digital infrastructure;
  • security and use of technology within the digital infrastructure;
  • the possibilities of complementary money systems;
  • process modeling for individualized services.

But what is knowledge without creativity and wisdom?
In the army, each tune of bugle call had its message. It brought structure in the days of soldiers and collective action. For our  endeavor your own inner call does.  Let’s keep in touch.

The job isn't to catch up to the status quo, the job is to invent the status quo.