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Threefold at Weconomics Partnerday

Threefold Foundations opens up a software stack for responsible internet, an innovation space for organizational technology.

Weconomics focuses primarily on the use of organizational technology to improve the 6Ps:

  • Purpose: the purpose of work in relation to innovation
  • Productivity: pay prosperity with productivity
  • Privacy: new and strict European privacy legislation (GDPR)
  • Power: more power to people, less to means such as companies & governments
  • Propaganda: fewer fake news and news manipulation
  • Processes: improve processes and transfer them to transaction networks

During Weconomics Partnerday 12-10-2018 a dialogue started regarding mutual opportunities between Weconomics and Threefold. Get an impression of Weconomics Partner day. We keep you posted if value propositions for collaboration will follow.

Chris Hoerée has written an article on the topic of dialogue. And together with Claudius van Wyck she facilitates with great results. Contact Chris if you want to accelerate your dialogue process and start to co-design.