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Design and Combinational Creativity

No single person has all the knowledge to produce a pencil.
It can only be created only through the specialization of many people and coordination between them. Nearly everybody uses it.

As a follower of these posts, you know that massive collaboration is leading to the rollout of the internet 4.0. It will bring new tools in the hands of people, everyone will get a digital twin for personal data. 

We have to be mindful. The learning process for using a personal digital twin will be more straightforward than the learning process for using a pencil ever was. That’s an opportunity and a possible pitfall.  We have to take up leadership and create traction for the action we want to create with our digital twins.

We will introduce the power of combinational creativity and co-design the algorithms we want. You want it or not, with each click on a digital twin, an acupuncture point in society is touched.

With each click on a digital twin, we will exchange data and tokens.The algorithms we choose for exchange will define the impact we will make. Only with the support of the internet contract algorithmes will get deployed.

The internet contract (or smart contract for IT) is technological innovation or Threefold, it gives the possibility to make people accountable for the algorithms applicable in communities.

The internet contract is a big deal, it introduces a new possible way to include more voices (acupuncture point 7) and some real rebellion. Real rebellion is not about changing the world but changing it for the better

It is within constraints that creativity thrives.

The Internet 4.O will become the backbone to adjust production and consumption to people and system needs. With one co-design after another, we will get the algorithmes deployed. With one co-design after another, we will upgrade our economy.


Community leaders in specific domains are stepping up and starting to combine the possibilities in their field. Architects for housing, for example, see more opportunities to foster well-being in neighborhoods. 

– Why will we keep on building or renovating garages when organizing mobility as a shared service has multiple profits?
– How will members of the neighborhoods have a say in the algorithms applied?  


With the emerging internet 4.0, we have reasons to come together and weave new connections. AMA (Ask me anything) for your possible next step in a free 50-minute call. Collectively we are smarter.