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Massive on-line education and collaboration are bringing forward the development of the decentralized infrastructure that society needs.

I have just finished two MOOCs from the EdX Platform.
The MOOC Data for Better Lives is a follow-up on the Flagship Report of the Worldbank with the same title. Download it here.

The other MOOC is Fintech Ethics and Risk.
The course teachers are on a mission to share knowledge and invite everybody to get wholehearted engaged in the space.

I genuinely recommend joining the next editions of the courses.
The main messages are in line with the intentions of Threefold and Weconomics Foundations.

Some suggestions to join these entrepreneurial eco-systems are:

  • Data wisdom check-up with Paul Bessems, founder of Weconomics Foundations, during a lunch webinar. The following is on the 7th of December >>> (Dutch only)
  • Become a tester for version 3.0 of the Threefold Grid with your IT workload >>>
The following ten years are about getting digital and sustainability right.
Ask Me Anything (AMA) to help you with your next step clear.