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Idgate and technology


Interoperability of data in well governened digital infrastructure creates the potential for better processes and prosperity. New organisational thinking and technology is needed to develop this potential. Teaming up is the thing to do for getting solutions scaled.

Value Proposition

As an ambassador of Threefold Foundation we follow up the developments of 3Bot and Solid and help you to find the way in the eco-system of innovation.

As a partner of Weconet and Weconomics we share the organisational thinking. Organisational thinking which lead to better processes for better prosperity.

As Co:Inpetto we want to co-design the value thanks to Idgate thinking and therefore we are connected to commonalities as Threefold Foundations and Weconomics Foundations

For whom

Value Proposition

3Bot technology and the blockchain technology that is used within Threefold Foundation will get also other applications. A start-up is spinning out for this aim. At this moment there is a financial investement opportunity within this start-up.

For whom