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Co:Inpetto is founded in 1999, the days internet was entering the business world. Co:Inpetto worked as a recruitment cabinet for business consultants and IT’ers. We served IT departments of big organisations and some fast growing IT and business consulting companies.

The market of connecting talent to challenges became a problematic market, a market with wicked problems. Poor personal data were stored within companies, recruitment cabinets, government services, media services and so on. A pointless competition was going. New business model design for connecting talent thanks to Idgate is needed. When you are in love with humanity, creativity and entrepreneurship – you do know that Silicon Valley social media aren’t a solution.

Furthermore a lot of IT talent is wasted while they are needed. It is a waste of time and money to define and digitise processes which could be better brought to shared digital infrastructures in well defined governance models.

Value proposition

IT Professionals will find their way to meaningful and productive work while more and more processes are getting defined for better prosperity.

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Value proposition

The IT network of Co:Inpetto is kept up-to-date thanks to a collaboration. Together with clients recruitment processes could be redefined.

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