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Organizing Sustainability

I am still grateful that I participated in a collaborative writing process led by professor Jan Jonker.
The book New Business Models (2014) became a bestseller. And with co-writers of the book, we follow up and support Threefold. A new business model for the internet was once a dream and it is becoming a reality.

Jan Jonker has co-written a new book.
Download it for free – here (Dutch only) and make your dream happen.

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By reading the book, I learned about the model of Kavadias, Ladas, and Loch (2016). Read more about it here. It explains that technology enables the following six features for transformative business models:

  1. A more personalized product or service;
  2. A closed-loop process;
  3. Asset sharing;
  4. Usage-based pricing;
  5. A more collaborative ecosystem;
  6. An agile and adaptive organization.

The article of 2016 doesn’t mention the tech trends of my data and blockchain yet. These technological trends open up even more ways to organize transactions.

Threefold does apply new organizational principles. It is an eco-system of companies, start-ups, individuals and foundations.
And tokens, blockchain, and my data principles are alive within Threefold itself. It is used to get sustainable digital services organized. Together.

Work further on your dream and let’s anchor (y)our sustainable prosperity.

The time is right.
The time is now.