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Six things blockchains can do for SDG’s

I am getting deep respect of the historical achievements of the United Nations and I want to learn more about its potential. Therefore I have visited the Peace Palace in The Hague. The role of the UN and the SDG goals are mentioned in de visiting centre of the palace.

Is the SDG framework really alive and effective ? What to think about the World Economic Forum and their role regarding the SDG ? Do you know more about it ? I tend to be optimistic.

At the website of the UN I read about about blockchain and SDG’s. It is nice to know that it is in line with the mission of Weconomics and Threefold Foundations.

The six things blockchans can do for SDG’s are:

  1. Support financial inclusion
  2. Improve acces to energy
  3. Produce and consume responsibly
  4. Protect the environment
  5. Provide legal identity for all
  6. Improve aid effectiveness

Learn more about SDG’s and blockchain here.

If progress has taught us anything, it is that development comes from more brains having access to more knowledge, and eyeballs looking at problems and trying to fix them.

Johan Norberg