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The Rule of Three

Three new technologies made The Underground in London possible, (1) electricity, (2) the tunneling shield, and (3) the elevator to bring passengers to the deep-level tube railway. The core infrastructure for a flourishing city was born. 

Until then, the underground railways had to be steam-worked and built just under the road or below buildings, creating enormous disruption during construction and the need for ventilation openings along the route to allow the escape of fumes. 

The Underground is just an example of the Rule of Three. If technology revolutionizes society, it always combines three technological inventions in one application. Does that rule exist truly? 

In our lifetime, we have witnessed the introduction of the iPhone. The first smartphone came into being thanks to the intersection of three technologies:  (1) the lithium battery, (2) LCD screen and, (3) microprocessors. It changed the way we share information. 

Start to imagine how the world will change when every person on earth has their digital twin with personal data in the cloud. Dreaming big is allowed. Sustainable prosperity for all is appropriate goal setting. 

A digital twin for every single person will live on the Threefold Grid. In this case, again, three technologies are coming together to provide the service, (1) quantum-safe storage, (2) planetary network, and (3) smart contract for IT.

At Twice in Eindhoven, another trinity is coming together: (1) Threefold technology to underpin a data infrastructure, (2) Weconomics organizational thinking model, and (3)Innovation capability to renew operations empowered by technology and digital twins for personal data.

These programs are for you:

    • Free webinar on Threefold technology on the 24th of February – click here;
    • Learning-working program with Weconomic Foundations – click here with a free trying out session at the 11th of March 2022.
We will make the revolution towards sustainable prosperity for all happen.