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Google and Belgian Economics

Read the article on the Google Europe blog of 2012: Honoring and Supporting Belgian Internet Pioneers. What a strange story is told about the hyperlink and the Mundaneum Museum in Mons. Mons is the city of Elio Di Rupo, he is proud about Mundaneum and the Google link. Google has a data center near Mons.  It seems that a dance is danced.

Elio Di Rupo served as our prime minister in the dawn of internet times. With his link to Google, he refers to the beginning of the industrial age. Once the South of Belgium, Wallonia, was ‘The Silicon Valley’. You need also go to Wallonia to learn about the fight against big capital, the fight for distributed prosperity thanks to the industrial revolution.

Does history repeat itself ? Yes and No.
Breaking up big tech is on the political agenda today. But that’s not the full solution. Core components of the internet need a redesign to guarantee net neutrality. Because only with free and conscience minds, we will move forward thanks to the knowledge and creativity we have. And it won’t be reached by breaking up big tech.

Data ownership and governance needs good design from day one. Join the growing entrepreneurial movement that is working on it, when your time is right. The threefold token distribution event will be an opportunity to participate, it is a part of the funding mechanism of Threefold.

Google still used the typical funding mechanism of the industrial age. But it won’t serve for our next age. We are keen to share the design options for funding Threefold are taking and  you will get the opportunity to join as Threefold token holder. Be welcome in Bolwerk to learn and ask your questions – event date will be announced.

You've go to think about big things while you're doing small things, so that all small things go in the right direction.