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Staking becomes a way to contribute to the Threefold DAO

Threefold DAO is coming alive. It uses blockchain-enabled services for its governance. These blockchain services will use “proof of stake” as their consensus mechanism. It brings opportunities for staking.

Are you familiar with terms such as “staking” and “proof of staking”?

Staking is the act of locking up tokens in a pool to provide economic security for a validator node in a blockchain that uses “proof of stake”; you get rewards in return. Staking mechanisms also give voting rights.

Each blockchain-enabled network has different rules for voting, calculating, and distributing rewards.
The specifics of the staking mechanisms for Threefold DAO are getting fine-tuned. Value propositions will follow later this year.

Get ready to consider the upcoming opportunities.
If you are a mission-led community and want to find ways to learn about the topic of blockchain organizing and staking, I am ready to assist you.