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Theory U and the (Digital) Self

The U Lab course of MIT and the Presencing Institute starts again. It is an invitation to all of us to envision our best possible self and our best possible whole and co-create it.

A friend of mine started to pioneer with the learning of the Presencing Institute in 2009. Along the way, the picture below became imprinted in my mind. My motivation to act for a renewed digital infrastructure became the wish to avoid the cycle of absencing.

First, we needed to conserve our capability for entrepreneurial freedom and genuine creativity. Digital privacy is just a condition for it.


Fortunately, we are at a turning point. 

The battle against Big Tech is growing, and the internet 4.O is coming.

With the building blocks of the internet 4.O we will anchor new kinds of transaction processes.

All these transactions together will make up our economy and society. The internet 4.O brings along a digital self (or digital twin) for all of us as a starting point. And a smart contract for IT for communities.


Start questioning:

  • What do we believe about ourselves?
  • What do we want to happen?
  • What data do represent our selves in our digital self/twin?
  • Which algorithms will we allow to connect to our digital self/twin?
  • Who will we make responsible for approving algorithms?
  • Who owns the hardware to run our digital self/twin and algorithms?
  • Who is earning from the services these hardware use?

The goal of Co-Inpetto Farm is to contribute to the roll-out of the Internet 4.O, to earn and to learn. For each setup, we will ask ourselves how we will structure the token economics between its members. We aim for positive feedback loops. Members will use these profits in their own projects.


Consider picking up an action-learning opportunity:

  • Join U Lab online, connect to a local hub (e.g., Emagine Centre in Antwerp) or start one;
  • Weconomics Foundations has several learning hubs in the Netherlands, one at TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology). We will do a setup for Threefold Farming with Co-Inpetto Farm together.
  • The MOOC ‘Organizing for Sustainability, a guide to Developing New Business Models (2021)’, starts on the 1st of September. The link is here. The link to the open-access book is here.


Data and creativity are the power to build prosperity. 

Use it.

We support communities with Threefold farming.
Do you want to start a set-up? Do you want to be part of one? >>>

Craft your sweet spot thanks to a renewed digital infrastructure and get traction for your action.
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