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Openness and creativity with(out) law?

More citizens and entrepreneurs imagined the same innovation path for PDS services, namely a radically collaborative and open one. They found each other and started to collaborate thanks to the internet 2.0. As an entrepreneur in the recruitment business, I gathered personal data to connect to job opportunities. It became very problematic: market practices weren’t […]

Data is the fuel for the Social Contract of the 21st Century

The Tube in London is a beautiful collaborative innovation project. It applied the new techniques of the industrial revolution and had a big societal positive impact, it got its followers worldwide. London is The Underground, and The Underground is London. It became the biggest employer with a trade union that took up negotiating the distribution […]

Theory U and the (Digital) Self

The U Lab course of MIT and the Presencing Institute starts again. It is an invitation to all of us to envision our best possible self and our best possible whole and co-create it. A friend of mine started to pioneer with the learning of the Presencing Institute in 2009. Along the way, the picture […]

The internet 4.O and its previous versions

click for more information – www.threefold.io The history of the internet 1.0 and 2.0 is a fascinating story. You can learn more about it with this Coursera course here. Blockchain innovators started to talk about the internet 3.0 while The Threefold movement is giving birth to Internet 4.0. The new thing is peer-to-peer. With the Internet […]

Not for profits, for multi-profits

With Threefold’s digital twin, data compliance will become manageable and user-friendly. And at the same time, it opens up opportunities for new business modeling.  Who won’t redesign processes and business models from the digital twin perspective? (I know the answer: no-one) Everyone wants to make a positive impact. It’s a human need.The time to lock […]

Community is abundance

In 1999, the internet got introduced in the business world, and  Co-Inpetto started as a recruitment cabinet for IT professionals and business consultants. Soon, a fork came in the road. At its core, the recruitment business is an exchange of personal data between parties. Despite privacy laws, personal data got copied everywhere, without consent. Personal […]

The Climate Case and the Internet 4.O

ThreeFold is the engine for a planet-positive and data-sovereign internet. It brings together with partners the building blocks for internet 4.O.  Whatever your starting point is to make your operations greener, this digital infrastructure will serve you. Why? First, the Threefold Grid is power efficiënt. Threefold use less energy than traditional cloud solutions thanks to […]

Slow Down (productivity is too low)

Slow down; productivity is too low. It is the mission of Weconomics Foundations to rethink organizational models for the digital age. Weconomics Foundations offers every first Tuesday an opportunity to connect and be part of a dialogue. Check out the next one here. Internet 4.0 features underpin the thinking and the projects of Weconomics Foundations. […]

A Generation of Good Ancestors

The next generations will love us because of the actions we take now (1).Fortunately, we don’t need to be a Lieven-Gevaert-like-hero (3). For the green and digital revolution, we will make a change – together. Digital rights will protect freedom and creative entrepreneurship for every single person. Legislators are with us. The GDPR get complimented […]

The GDPR and The Brussels Effect

The GDPR turns 3 today and it is ruling the world; companies are adopting it everywhere. The GDPR, and it hasn’t missed The Brussels Effect, a term coined by Anu Bradford. More is coming. Listen to Margrethe Vestager, the Executive Vice President of the European Commission. She explains the EU’s position in the global battle […]